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Example domains include bioinformatics, chemoinformatics, transportation systems, communication networks, social network analysis, link analysis, robotics, among others. The structures encountered can be as simple as sequences and trees such as those arising in protein secondary structure prediction and natural language parsing or as complex as citation graphs, the World Wide Web, and even relational data bases.

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In all these cases, structured representations can give a more informative view of the problem at hand, which is often crucial for the development of successful mining and learning algorithms. These were successful, but were tied to the conference of one research community. Nowadays there seems to be a surge of interest in mining and learning from structured data across several communities.

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  • Most researchers, however, only have exposure to one or two communities, and no clear understanding of the relative advantages and limitations of different approaches has yet emerged. This workshop will also present updated project information through high-profile conference speakers as well as allow networking and partnership opportunities.

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    The Nunavik Mining Workshop will serve as an occasion to get a complete understanding about the important mineral potential of the region as well as the rich existing culture of Nunavik. Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit.

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