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Edited by Felix Chan. Edited by David Pozo. Edited by Arun Shanker. Exciton and biexciton states Exchange interaction Exciton energy spectra Dipole transition moments Dielectric and semiconductor nanosystems Nonlinear optics Local exciton states Magnetic field Interaction of excitons Stark effect Energy transfer probability Luminescence decay kinetics. Register your interest in contributing to this book Collaborate with our community and contribute your knowledge. Register here Deadline Extended: Open for Submissions. Quantum Confined Inorganics e.

Control of composition, size and shape of nanoparticles. Multilayer structures for exciton manipulation. Well-defined surface modification for exciton coupling.

Excitons usados para construir uma nova classe de dispositivos eletr├┤nicos

New ferroelectric bulk materials for photovoltaics. Tune crystal composition and structure to improve stability. Control of crystal growth to achieve defect-free films. Novel molecular structure and geometry for excitonics.

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Polymeric and supramolecular assemblies for exciton transport. Targeted materials design, synthesis and scale-up. The ARC Centre of Excellence in Exciton Science will work on the development of new energy-efficient devices and energy storage structures such as solar cells, luminescent solar concentrators, and exciton up-conversion systems. The full application potential of emerging excitonic materials will be showcased and explored in prototype devices. Journal: Phys. X Rev.

Excitons pave the way to higher-performance electronics

A Phys. B Phys. C Phys. D Phys. E Phys. Fluids Phys. Materials Phys.

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