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He waved to me, and then I woke up. To make it easier for your loved ones to visit you in dreams, start paying attention to your dreams and writing them down. Electricity is easy for spirits to manipulate. Recently, my husband and I were celebrating our wedding anniversary, and we were thinking of our loved ones in spirit. Just as we clinked our champagne glasses in a toast, the lights near us started flickering. I knew our loved ones in spirit were joining our celebration! A million different events happen in your day, and none of them stand out to you.

A few days after she passed, I was watching a television show where the main character had just given birth, and it stood out to me that the walls in the nursery were painted with butterflies. They named the baby Elle, which is short for Elizabeth. Most signs are subtle. You might see someone who looks just like your loved one. Another way your loved ones in spirit can say hello is by appearing in the dream of a friend or family member. They are just letting you know that they are okay.

Now that you know four common ways your loved ones in spirit can contact you, be on the lookout for signs and messages from them. Have you received a sign or message from your loved ones in spirit? Share your experience in the comments below! Interested in more? Check out our Collection. Melanie Jade Rummel is a medium who shares positive, loving messages from spirit guides and loved ones who have passed.

She is the host of the weekly video series, TrueYou TV, which helps you live your truth and love your life. Melanie shares daily inspiration on Facebook, and offers readings by phone and email through her website, MelanieJadeRummel. Thanks for taking time to read this! Comments are much loved. Nina xxx.

Title: She Smells the Dead. Published: by Sacred Oak Press. Warnings: kissing, werewolves, ghosts,. Stevens has also written From the Shadows, a collection of poetry. Here is a link to her site From the Shadows , a book review blog, and you can also find her on Twitter. Summary : I t's the beginning of senior year and Yuki's psychic awareness of ghostly spirits is threatening to ruin her life. Her ability to sense spirits of the dead isn't glamorous like on TV.

Yuki is being visited in her dreams and suspects that her friend Calvin is involved in something strange. Will Yuki be able to save the spirits and herself? Review: we begin by meeting Yuki,who tells us she can smell the dead. She also tells us what its like smelling the dead, about her friend Calvin, about her nickname and about her aspired love life. A very interesting first page. For me, she beautifully told a story which not only had me reading the book in one sitting alone, but had me begging for more. I can guarantee fans of the paranormal and fantasy will love this book.

It's a great introduction to the series and I can't wait to read the next instalment, Spirit Storm. Apr 30, Carmel Rabid Reads rated it really liked it Shelves: werewolves. I devoured this book in an afternoon. The plot is engaging, the characters are real and I loved Stevens' no nonsense writing style.

Although, I did see the cliff hanger ending coming a mile away and felt a tad frustrated as a result. Overall, She Smells The Dead is an outstanding book. Also, I'm happy to report that my suspicions have been confirmed; there are werewolves in this book! Well, kinda. There are two storylines that span the entire length of the book and keep it interesting. Number one is that Yuki can, yes, smell dead people. She's haunted by a ghost and does a bit of investigating with her friends to figure out what issue he needs to resolve before being able to pass over.

This added an element of fun to the novel. This group of friends' investigation takes them into some pretty weird situations. The hilarity of some of their schemes didn't escape them either and with that witty banter ensued. The second is the blooming relationship between Yuki and Cal. It progressed at a nice pace and added depth to the characters. I got a real kick out of Yuki. She's unique and kirky. I loved witnessing her dreams and her later interpretation of them. The symbolism and meaning behind them was superbly done.

I also enjoyed the Young Adult aspect of this book. It wasn't overpowering and added an extra dimension to the characters. Cal is a great personage. I enjoyed his softer, more vulnerable side but it didn't make him appear weak. This kid is definitely growing into a strong and competent man. Throughout the entire novel there's such a huge build-up to Halloween that I couldn't help but feel disappointed that I have to wait until Spirit Storm to find out what happens. The ending definitely made me want to read book 2 but could have been handled better in my opinion.

She Smells The Dead is an outstanding read that surprised me with its to-the-point writing style that immediately grabbed my interest. Still skeptical? Check out the cover of the next installment and then decide! She Smells the Dead was a fast and fun read. I really enjoyed the fact that there was a mixture of paranormal elements that were tied together.

Also, I completely love the cover. It is absolutely beautiful and is pretty much exactly how I visualize the main character, Yuki. When she starts out all she has is the smell to go on in order to find o She Smells the Dead was a fast and fun read. When she starts out all she has is the smell to go on in order to find out who they are and what they need. I love how original Yuki was.

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She was a goth girl and she was darn proud of it. She was hilarious, sarcastic and kick butt. She was all the things that I love in characters. While working a case Yuki enlists the help of her friends. Calvin, her hunky best friend that she is starting to have feelings for, who also has a secret of his own and Emma her crazy vegan best friend who is the queen of research and lover of all animals big and small. They make up an extremely fun cast of characters. I love how Stevens weaved all of the characters in together so that they play such an important role in each others lives and the story.

The plot was so fun, fast paced and it seemed like there was adventure around every corner! Overall I really really like this one! This story was absolutely unique and fun and WAY too short! We are left with quite a cliffhanger and I am excited to start on the next in the series, Spirit Storm. Aug 24, Melissa rated it really liked it Shelves: with-reviews , read-in , teen-paranormal-fiction , teen-romance. Yuki has an unusual ability to smell the dead.

She can sense them and sense that they need something from her before they can move on. When a spirit comes to her reeking of vinegar and is possibly a victim of foul play, Yuki enlists her friends Calvin and Emma to unravel the mystery. But something far more dangerous lurks on the horizon and if Yuki doesn't learn to control her gift in time she may lose her mind or even her life. This novel was different than so many paranormal novels out there. I mean whoever heard of someone who could smell the dead. Perhaps that is what intrigued me about this novel to begin with, that or the fantastic cover art.

Stevens is a talented writer who pulls you into the story and keeps up the fast pace throughout the novel. I love her writing style and how she tells her story. It is straight to the point without the meandering that has been plaguing me in so many novels of late. This is an easy read you can just sit back and enjoy. Overall this is a fun fast read. Yuki and her friends are entertaining and fun to read about. Yuki's ability is unusual and it is interesting to watch her unravel ways to understand and use her talent. Calvin and Emma, her best friends are charming and fascinating in their own right.

This short entertaining read is definitely worth the time. I can't wait to read book two, Spirit Storm. Cautions for sensitive readers: none Mar 21, Thomas Amo rated it it was amazing. Stevens, truly took me into her world from page one. I fell in love with her MC, Yuki from the first moment she wrinkled her ado It's the beginning of senior year and Yuki's psychic awareness of ghostly spirits is threatening to ruin her life.

I fell in love with her MC, Yuki from the first moment she wrinkled her adorable nose at the smell of vinegar I wished some of them did.. But it's her sixth sense and E. She builds on all those typical emotions we all feel during those sometimes torturous years of high school. It's written in first person and I felt the entire time Yuki was telling ME the story. It's a fun fast paced read, great for any YA readers!

Looking forward to more from this very talented writer! Nov 15, Kristi rated it it was amazing Shelves: werewolves , ya-series , ghosts , series-to-watch-for , mystery. Stevens until now! How could I miss such a gem of a read! I read the entire series in 2 days and now I want more! So what if it happens to be knee-high lace ups, torn tights and white make-up-she is proud of her style and wears it well.

Yuki values her friends Calvin and Emma. There is so much more to the story then this, though.

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The story holds many secrets for the reader to discover. Yuki finds that her dreams are prophetic and that she has a spirit guide and the form of that spirit guide is a riot but you must read to find out! Interestingly enough, Cal has his own supernatural ability to cope with and it ties in with Yuki, making the story all that much more fascinating. Stevens is a captivating read that I completely enjoyed on so many levels.

Sep 12, Brenda rated it it was amazing. It's the first day of school and Vanessa Stennings who likes to be called Yuki is overwhelmed by the scent of vinegar, weird right?

Well Yuki has a gift, she smells the dead, not like decay or anything like that but instead its more a symbolic scent of the spirit who has come to her for help, her friend Calvin likes to call it smell impressions, anywho this particular spirit smells like vinegar, and the only way to get rid of the spirit is to figure out what it wants!

Yuki hasn't ever been popul It's the first day of school and Vanessa Stennings who likes to be called Yuki is overwhelmed by the scent of vinegar, weird right? Yuki hasn't ever been popular in school, some of her classmates even call her a witch,because of the way she looks and dresses, but she does have a few good friends. Calvin Miller whom she has known since second grade,Emma, who writes for the school paper and Gordy who is in the Anime club, and thinks Yuki is cool because of her name.

Calvin and Yuki share a special bond of knowing who they really are, Calvin was told by his family that he is actually a werewolf , and one summer while he and Yuki was at a Shaman retreat he was told his spirit animal was the wolf, and Yuki's turned out to be the dung beetle, which Calvin loves teasing her about. So with her paranomal powers and his werewolf thing well you could say they have a few things in common! Together they need to figure out their powers while also trying to get to the bottom of Yuki's ghost, all before Samhain Halloween , the night that ghosts flood the earth, but with romance blooming between the two all Yuki wants to do is attend The Homecoming Dance and wear her corset dress!

This is a very quick paced story with a great cast of characters. Yuki's quick wit and her often sarcastic sense of humor was something I loved, the romance that also started developing between Gordy and Emma toward the end of the book was an unexpected twist, and I look forward to how that might develop in a future book. The author wraps up the book very well, but the last sentence of the book leaves us hope that there will be sequel to this one! If your a fan of paranormal fiction, young adult, or mysteries then I highly recommend this book.

I was provided a copy of this book by the author in exchange for an honest review. Aug 29, Kai rated it really liked it Shelves: teens , arc. I think started a bit slow, but it got better as I go along reading, and before I knew it I was enjoying the read. Yuki can smell the dead. It was her indicator that a ghost is around when she smells something. With her recently discovered powers, Yuki was helping the world, one ghost at a time, and her latest haunting was from a ghost smelling like vinegar. But was it really just a spirit animal, or something else entirely?

I had my reservations, wondering how this element of the story will play out, but it was an interesting mix. Wolves and Ghosts. I liked the way the plot worked out. I think this was such a fresh idea, a very promising premise that, if worked out effectively would be a really good story. The ending was such a cliffhanger. It makes you wonder just what will happen to Yuki. Very much looking forward to the sequel! View all 8 comments. Sep 07, Yvonne rated it really liked it. Yuki is a unique teenager.

She has an annoying habit of smelling dead people. When spirits have unfinished business, they haunt her until she is able to figure out how to help them. Instead of seeing or conversing with the dead, each one has a certain smell that alerts her of their presence. With the help of her friends, Yuki is about to be once fierce ghost whisperer. First of all, I love the cover. I also loved the storyline. The story was a little slow at first, but once I got a sense of who Yuki was and her ability, I did enjoy the story.

I loved her support system. E J Stevens did a wonderful job of introducing this series. I am very interested to see what will happen next. Shelves: in-my-mailbox , amazing-worlds , read , ebook-read , action-adventure , magic , paranormal , murder-mystery , for-review , dark-romance. Except Yuki can smell the dead. Before she loses herself? I loved this book! It had action, romance, humour, dead-smelling: everything a girl wants in a paranormal book.

And — more importantly — it was wonderfully written with great characters and plot.

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Thanks E. I liked her habit of exaggerating, her sarcasm, her brilliantly mad fashion sense: everything. Especially that her spirit animal is a dung beetle. I laughed so much at that one. All her strange, unique little sayings made me laugh, too. I loved her! Abby is my favourite TV character ever!

Calvin Miller was sort of New Agey, into mystical, um, stuff… He was just adorable: strong, cute, forgiving. I loved him! He really made me laugh. Although, his big secret was kinda obvious. To me, anyway. Emma was the best! She was a vegan and always laid into Calvin for eating meat. She was really into human rights for everyone — people in the dark ages, bees. Also into the whole herbal remedies, she was practical, cute, and funny. She was awesome! And Calvin and Yuki were really cute. Their relationship was easy, natural, and oh-so sweet.

However, their friendship changed lately. I have to mention E. Easy and funny, I completely felt like it was Yuki talking, not an author writing as her, if that makes any sense.

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It was believable and completely addictive. Now, I have to admit something. Before I read this book, I just assumed it would be a ghost haunting a girl, who would give him peace and everyone would be peachy. I was wrong. Yes, there was murder mystery, but it was so much more than that. There was a whole other side, one that was so new and so amazing: a brilliant new take on many popular folklores. I adored She Smells the Dead, and have only one major fault: it was too short!

And it had a terrible cliff-hanger. Mar 12, Heather rated it it was amazing. Steven's novel is a combination of paranormal romance and mystery with a good bit of humor thrown in. The main character Yuki isn't really named that, but chose that nickname over her real name Vanessa. You'll have to read the book to see what the nicknames she's been through to see why she chose a nickname. The novel takes place in high school in a small Maine town where Yuki's best friends are Calvin and Emma. Calvin is a huge meat eater, but into meditation and spiritual matters. Yuki i E. Yuki is a vegetarian and Emma is completely Vegan.

It makes for fun and interesting fodder at the lunch table. The mystery begins when Yuki is overpowered with the smell of vinegar. Both Calvin and Emma know about her strange "talent" and help her in her sleuthing to find the ghost that is connected to the smell. She can't see him or talk to him. She only has a smell to go by. Her parents don't know about her talent so she works around that. And she has to rely on her friends for rides as she doesn't have her driver's license yet, afraid a scent will overtake her and she'll pass out while driving. She has the hots for the bad boy in school Garrett Hamlin but suddenly finds herself attracted to Calvin.

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She soon finds out why and things get really strange from there. And that's saying a lot since she can smell dead people.

This is an easy to finish in one night book. The writing flows quickly, there are no gaps in the story that need explaining except maybe how Yuki came to have her talent. But the story builds momentum leading to the next novel. There are no cliffhangers. It ends with a good conclusion but you know there is more to come.

I loved the story between Cal vin and Yuki. They'd obviously been friends a long time and they are so opposite it is hard to believe they are friends. She's as goth as they come and he's as outdoorsy as they come, yet they are perfect for each other. He calls her his "Princess Dung Beetle" which she sometimes likes. You'll have to read to see how that came about. There are no betrayals in this book, everyone is a good down to earth loyal friend. The story is told from Yuki's perspective, first person narrative so we get a chance to see inside her head.

Her observations, especially in high school are funny. I really loved this story. The romance was just enough. The paranormal was definitely something new and it wasn't just the smelling dead people. I left out a big part so I don't spoil it for you. And the strong friendships were nice to see. The biggest villain at high school this time was a "jock" and not a girl. So yay for the girls we aren't as bitchy as we're portrayed to be!!